Get That Thing Off The Road!

We recently reported that the government is assessing whether e-scooters should be allowed on British roads.  We’re against it.

News has just arrived that a three-year-old girl has been left with “life-changing” injuries after she was hit while playing in a park by a man riding an e-scooter.  This happened in Myatt’s Fields Park, Lambeth, South London on Monday evening.

The rider had the grace to stop and apologise…but the Police are now appealing for witnesses.

Look, we all love a little fun, but having ridden an e-scooter in Lyon and weaved in and out of the traffic, without a helmet, without a licence and certainly without any training or prior experienced, we here at NTK Motors can firmly say that, while it was great fun but we wouldn’t want to ride one on British roads.

Keep them off our roads!