‘Game Changer’ The Car Expert’s Car Ranking Site

The Car Expert, said by some to be the UK’s most comprehensive consumer car advice site, has launched a ratings aggregate website that draws in the reviews from 25 of the UK’s top motoring websites and ‘does the heavy lifting’ for the car-buying public.

The Car Expert now claims that UK car buyers can view rankings of every new car in the UK, compiled from thousands of car reviews. Including the best and worst cars.

Called the Expert Rating Index, it is designed to make it easier to see quickly how different cars rate, based upon thousands of media reviews from across the country and plans to bring a level of sophistication never before seen in ranking the best and worst new cars in the UK. 

The Car Expert’s team compiles new car reviews from 25 of the UK’s top automotive sites, then applies an advanced algorithm to produce a definitive rating for each car.

What do you think?  A formidable tool or just another website delivering the same old same old?

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