Fuel Crisis: Nearly Quarter of Drivers Considering Going Electric

Did you catch any of Boris Johnson’s gagfest at the Conservative Conference?  Not a single mention of the queues for petrol and diesel that we are all experiencing.  Nor of the gas crisis, lack of HGV drivers…I could go on…

Instead the baying faithful were fed a comedy routine better suited to a chat show than the dispatch box, ignoring the real world and characterising the real life problems (such as the country’s poorest having £20/week taken off them that very day) as merely part of the grand plan to Build Back Better.

Meanwhile, back in reality, What Car? is reporting that so fed up is the great British driving public that 23 per cent of car buyers are thinking about investing in an EV.

What Car? surveyed 1,186 motorists while all around us the military is being drafted in to help with fuel deliveries.

Of the petrol and diesel drivers in the survey, 36 per cent told What Car? they’d had problems finding fuel in recent weeks. Over 30% said they have had to reduce the amount of driving they do.

Don’t worry, though.  Boris Johnson is going to ‘get it done’.