Franchised Dealers Are Most Trusted       

In a survey that will be a relief for franchised dealers but a poke in the eye for market ‘disruptors’ What Car? reports that the car buying public has far more confidence in the traditional dealership than in online sellers.

What Car? conducted the end of year poll for Car Dealer Magazine and it makes very interesting reading. Around 5,000 people were polled in a project to measure how they trust (or don’t) who they buy their cars from.

It’s a big thumbs up for franchised dealers, with 63 per cent of respondents seeing them as trustworthy, and a paltry five per cent trusting online used car dealers most. Independent dealers were trusted by 22 per cent of respondents.

But let’s not get too complacent over there in franchise land.  Car Dealer Mag also reports that over half of those polled said they had come out of interactions with dealers that made them less likely to trust the motor trade.

Jim Holder, editorial director of What Car?, is quoted about how hard it is for online dealers to develop a trusting relationship with the customer:  “The difficulty building trust without physical premises is laid bare – understandably, customers spending thousands of pounds want to know that there is somewhere they can inspect the car and where they can physically turn if there is an issue that needs sorting. 

”It endorses why some of the highest-profile “online” disruptors have ended up investing in physical locations and why existing retailers with premises, sometimes disparagingly referred to as ‘legacy’ retailers by online start-ups, are potentially best placed to capitalise in any shift to online sales too, as they already have physical locations and trusted brand names.”