Four Month Sentence for ‘Execution’ Threat Against Dealer    

Did you see the shocking news story about the car buyer who threatened to execute the man who sold him a car which broke down?  The good news is that the perpetrator has been sentenced to four months in prison.

It has been widely reported that Michael Bailey (35), of Swansea threatened and racially abused salesman Amin Shafi after having agreed a price for a Mini Cooper S which then broke down on the test drive.

This is when Bailey began a campaign of abusive messages, including “Don’t want it resolved, I want your **** head on a plate”.

Bailey followed this with a message referring to his need to visit his ill mother by saying “If I don’t get back to see her in time, I will execute you and your family.”

He continued this tone for a few days. 

He pleaded guilty to a count of racially aggravated harassment with fear of violence and received a suspended four-month prison sentence plus a 20-day rehab activity requirement and 150 hours of unpaid work.