Forget Uber, Your RoboTaxi is Here!

Driverless technology gurus Motional and Hyundai have unveiled the IONIQ 5 robotaxi, based on the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5, obviously, which they claim can safely operate without a driver by twinning two key technologies, electrification and autonomy.

It is planned for the IONIQ 5 robotaxi to be picking up its first fares in 2023.

The robotaxi has more than 30 sensors – a combination of cameras, radars, and lidar – that provide 360-degree perception, high-resolution images, and ultra-long range detection of objects for safe autonomous operation in diverse driving environments. It is also fitted with Motional’s driverless technology, which includes advanced machine learning systems — trained on decades of real world data — that enables the vehicle to safely navigate challenging and complex driving situations.

The interior will feature a suite of rider-focused interfaces to allow passengers to intuitively interact with the vehicle during their ride, such as directing the robotaxi to make an extra stop. Very handy when you need just one more kebab on the way home.

All this sounds great.  We don’t want to be the first using it, if you know what we mean, but after a bit of real world operating we’d definitely give it a go.  Not least because you won’t have to put up with some Arsenal-supporting cabbie banging on about the good old days and Charlie George!

But, for anyone living in London, the key question is: will it go south of the river after 10pm?