Ford’s ‘Roadsafe’ Tech Predicts Incidents

In what seems a pretty cool development, Ford has announced that its Roadsafe technology can collect data from other vehicles, roadside sensors and accident reports to predict traffic incident locations.  The aim is to make journeys safer by giving the driver advanced warning of trouble ahead.

The digital tool, which leverages data and uses complex algorithms to indicate traffic hotspots, is now being tested in more than 200 vehicles in Oxfordshire and London.

Developed with Innovate UK, RoadSafe is said to have the potential to alert drivers to also provide local authorities with insights to support road and infrastructure improvements.

The system is designed to advise drivers how to avoid higher risk locations. To be fair, very many people use Waze and other similar apps to do something like this, but as the Ford system is still being trialled we can’t really say if it offers a lot more than existing systems.  We presume it must.

“There are areas in every city where the chance of an incident is higher, whether it’s due to a poorly placed sign, an unrepaired pothole or junctions built to accommodate far less traffic than we have today. Now, Ford can pinpoint the areas of concern, so drivers could be made more aware of them and authorities can address them,”said Jon Scott of Ford Mobility, Europe.