Ford: Brits Willing to Give Up Meat to Fight Climate Change

A new Ford-commissioned study claims to reveal that 91% of Brits feel a personal level of responsibility in the fight against climate change.  This comes in the lead-up to the COP 26 meetings in Glasgow where world leaders will (or won’t) re-set the route to prevent serious damage to the planet through climate change.

Ford’s study, its third looking at public attitudes towards electric vehicles and the climate crisis, threw up some fascinating figures. It surveyed people across seven European markets and asked probing questions covering a whole range of climate-related questions, ultimately focussing on the EV.

So, what did we learn that Britons would do to ease the climate problem?

  • 44% of Britons are willing to limit purchase of new clothes
  • 34% would use their car less
  • 30% would give up travelling abroad in aeroplanes
  • A quarter of Brits think 2030 ban on petrol and diesel vehicles should be brought forward, but nearly a third think it should be pushed back or scrapped 

So it’s not all ‘green for go’.  There remains a reluctance, too.

Perhaps the biggest finding, though, is that an overwhelming majority of Brits (91%) feel they have a personal level of responsibility in the fight against climate change. Asked about issues facing the United Kingdom today – which included important topics  such as systemic racism, mental health provision, and addressing the gender pay gap – having a global plan to tackle climate change (34%) was viewed as the third most pressing issue facing the country; only getting out of the pandemic (42%) and ensuring economic recovery post-COVID (38%) were deemed more important.

Here at Need To Know Motors we found this a fascinating and vital report.  We salute Ford for commissioning it and we recommend our readers to seek out the full version for a worthwhile coffee-break read.