Fisker EV – Can It Really Do 2,000 Miles?      

Fisker reports that 95 prototype Fisker Oceans have already rolled off partner Magna Steyr’s production system.  What we like about this EV is the fact its roof looks almost entirely made of PVs.

What is perhaps more interesting is that, in the right sunny conditions, Fisker reckons the Ocean could well achieve 2,000 miles…but that’s a year.

They’re saying that with the Fisker Ocean’s full-length SolarSky roof, you can harvest the sun’s rays to generate free energy to support the vehicle’s battery-powered motor. When fully exposed to the sun, the Fisker Ocean Extreme’s SolarSky can produce up to 1,500 clean, emissions-free miles per year, and under ideal conditions may increase to beyond 2000 miles¹ – all powered by pure sunshine.