FIH Mobile/Stellantis JV to Disrupt Car Cockpit Solutions

Stellantis and Foxconn Technology Group have formed a joint venture (JV) called Mobile Drive to develop what some hope will be the most creative driving and passenger experiences available in any car. 

The new tech will not just be limited to Stellantis’ own vehicles but will be brand-neutral. 

The JV marries Foxconn’s ICT industry capabilities with Stellantis’ automotive expertise and is designed to deliver a whole range of useful in-car innovations including AI applications, navigation, voice assistance, e-commerce store operations, and payment services integration.

So this is going to be a design and solutions house that takes the car to a whole new level for the driver and passenger.  It will feed solutions into other manufacturers and – we believe – become a leading light in hi-tec and funky new solutions for cars globally.