Ex-car Salesman Jailed for Racist Abuse of Home Secretary

A former car salesman has been thrown into jail where he belongs for posting a racist video about Home Secretary Priti Patel. 

The media reports of his jailing have named his former car dealership employers.  Need To Know Motors doesn’t think it’s fair to drag them into this given the fact he wasn’t working there when he posted the video and – as far as we can see – this has nothing to do with them. So we won’t be naming them.

The idiot in question is Jake Henderson (pictured), from Retford, Notts, who posted a video as Patel addressed the nation on TV.  His Snapchat video saw him say: ‘As a white man, I won’t be listening to people of colour.’

The court that sentenced him to ten weeks in jail also heard that Henderson used a ‘racially abusive word’ to describe Patel.

Since the case it seems that Henderson’s life has pretty much collapsed, thanks to his racist outburst.  He has lost his role as a Sunday League football manager; and lost his partner who left him as a result of the racist abuse.

Prosecutor, Daniel Church, told the court that Jake Henderson’s video was ‘motivated by hostility towards members of racial groups’.

So Henderson and a mate of his, Robert Cumming, were jailed, with Cumming getting six weeks behind bars.