EVs? Old Hat! Try a Recycled EV!     

Remember when a plain old EV was a futuristic pipe dream? Cars you can plug in? How crazy!  Well, now it seems that the EV is just not modern enough…because soon you will be able to buy a recycled EV!  Certainly if the people at Lunaz have their way.

The Silverstone-based tech company has unveiled its first UEV (that’s upcycled EV to you and me) and it is, of course, a refuse truck.  Rather fitting, eh?

Founder David Lorenz says the company has raised $200 million to fund its development of UEVs:

“By upcycling and electrifying industrial vehicles at scale, millions of tonnes of embedded carbon is saved by dramatically extending the usable life of thousands of vehicles that would otherwise be scrapped. By applying this approach to public sector vehicles like refuse trucks we deliver a result that is better for the taxpayer and better for the planet.”