EV Wars! Online Market Is Threat to Other Dealerships

JustGoEV.co.uk is ramping up its marketing to persuade car buyers that they only need to go to one website to find their electric vehicle – and it ain’t a place that also sells ICE vehicles.

With a site dedicated to EVs and EVs only, JustGoEV is promising a choice of around 3,000 vehicles via its network of over 600 dealerships. Plugins, hybrids and straight up EVs, they’re all on there.

Which means there is yet another reason for car buyers to not visit a regular dealership.

It’s the brainchild of a group of blokes who claim to be bona fide petrolheads, but who also realise that EV is the way to go.  Fait enough, then, because they are right.

The three entrepreneurs – Jack Woodgate, Joe Worsfold and Ben Caspary – all have an automotive retail and e-commerce background so are well-placed to disrupt the traditional car sales market. 

Mr Woodgate says: “Our research shows us that 50% of car buyers are considering an EV of some description as their next purchase.”

So the market is there.  Time now for other dealers to push the EV message.