EV Fleets ‘Unworkable’ Without Training

Here at Need To Know Motors we like Lightfoot.  They describe themselves as a ‘Fitbit’ for the car, using connected car technology to help users improve efficiency and safety.

And they’re talking sense when they say that businesses electrifying their vehicle fleets should put systems in place to influence driver behaviour.  But would that really make EV fleets ‘unworkable’, as Lightfoot CEO Mark Roberts claims?

‘’The simple truth is that you can’t invest millions of pounds in an EV fleet without first tightening the loosest nut in the vehicle; the driver,” said Roberts.

Lightfoot’s innovative in-cab driver coaching and engagement technology already generates more than 10% fuel savings in petrol and diesel fleets, but it can also de-risk electrification for businesses. Rather than focusing on making a fleet’s best drivers even better, it improves driver performance across the board, achieving a consistent standard for all drivers, which means uniform range from all drivers, which can make the difference between success and failure for EVs within fleets.

Roberts warned:

“Any fleet that tries to electrify without tackling the issue of diverse driver behaviours within their fleet is in for a nasty surprise.

“Electric vehicles will work perfectly for the best drivers who accelerate smoothly and drive sensibly, but there will be others who put the pedal to the floor all the time and their bad habits will make EV totally unworkable.

“As a fleet manager, that’s an impossible situation to manage.”

Fair point, Mr Roberts.