EV Charging: Is It Really Up To Car Manufacturers?

This week we have had a plethora of manufacturers stepping up to take responsibility for installing their own share of the much-needed EV charging network.  But, we have to ask, is this really the way to go?  Are car manufacturers really going to have to make this happen?  Tell us what you think here andy@needtoknowmotors.com

As we have seen recently with the opening up by Tesla of its own charging sites, this is heading for VHS v Betamax territory.  We have Audi, Vauxhall and the SMMT this week alone speaking up about EV charging commitments.

But take a look over the water in Europe.  Remember Europe?  That’s where we are seeing major oil companies plan huge networks of EV charge points in their own filling stations.  Hydrogen is also a big thing over there.

Yes, some manufacturers are also chipping in over there as well, but – to be frank – the EU and various governments are doing most of the funding.  Which brings us back to the UK. 

Given that EVs are without a shred of doubt the future (whether hydrogen or battery) don’t we need a properly-funder and managed infrastructure to encourage the public to move that way?

Maybe we should be consulting Peppa Pig about mass transport systems instead?