EV Charging: If You Build It They Will Come

It has long been the gripe of the EV naysayer that there aren’t enough charging points to justify buying a battery-powered vehicle.  And, to be fair, it has been true. Up to a point.  The growth in EV popularity has pushed the number of charging points higher – or is it a case of the growth in charging points has made owning and running an EV easier?

Either way, news has reached us that Gilbarco Veeder-Root, the fuelling specialists, are set to massively boost EV charging across Europe.

Thanks to a series of strategic investments, the company says it is now in a position to offer any fuel retailer or any business a complete EV charging solution.  Major predictions are being made for a significant growth in charging points in the UK and beyond.

With a 150-year history in fuelling technology, Gilbarco Veeder-Root looks poised to lead the way with off-the-shelf ‘smart and safe’ low maintenance chargers. Said to be both modular and scalable, this is good news for the EV market and for driving as a whole.

Keep your eyes peeled for details in the near future.  We’re excited.