Environmentally-focussed Car Comparison Website to Launch      

Karfu.com is being launched later this year as a new way to guide consumers to the best vehicle or access option based on their needslocationbudgetpreferences and their concern for their vehicle’s environmental impact. A waiting list is now open, supported by mobility news and content, ahead of Karfu’s planned launch of the comparison service later this year.

As an impartial comparison website, Karfu will uniquely compare all vehicle types, including Cars, Vans, Pick-ups, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Bicycles and Scooters. It also compares their fuelsincluding petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric and human, and the range of access options available, including Buying (including Finance), Leasing, Subscription, Sharing, Rental, Ride Hailing, Ride Sharing and Mobility-as-a-Service.

Karfu compares the breadth of these options through its interactive tool, which asks consumers questions about their usage patterns, budget and preferred vehicle types. Karfu then uses its extensive vehicle database to present personalised results based on their individual circumstances and needs.

With each search result, Karfu presents its innovative ‘Total Cost of Use’ calculation to allow consumers to compare diverse options across ownership to usership and make a better, more informed decision.

Unlike other vehicle comparison sites, Karfu has also developed a unique vehicle environmental life-cycle assessment, including production, delivery, use and recycling, so consumers can see the true environmental impact of their choices.

Sam Ellis, Karfu’s Co-founder and CEO, said:

“For many in the UK, this is the first time they have seen a significant impact on their cost of living due to factors completely beyond their control. Karfu is coming soon to help people save money and time when trying to find the right vehicle, and ultimately the planet, by helping them learn and switch to more sustainable options.