Driverless Car-Hailing Service Trialled in MK

Imperium Drive has begun the first UK trials of its new on-demand car-hailing service Fetch in Milton Keynes.  Fetch uses remote-controlled driverless vehicles that enable users to summon an unmanned vehicle via an app, which is driven by a remote driver to their location. The customer then drives the car normally to their destination, from where a remote vehicle operator takes over and pilots the car back to base or to the next user.

Remote driving technology is already being trialled in other countries, but Fetch is the first application in the UK. The service represents the first step towards fully autonomous vehicles operating on UK roads, with the company aiming to transition to full autonomy for car deliveries in the next five years. For short trips of up to a couple of hours, the service offers the same convenience as a ride-hailing or taxi service, but with the ability to cover greater distances at less than half the cost of services like Uber or Bolt.