Don’t Be So Picky Over Used Car Stock

Cox Automotive has issued a serious warning to dealers saying they should compromise a bit on the types of car they’re stocking up with, given the shortage of vehicles thanks to unprecedented demand.

The message is clear: if you want to have a full-looking forecourt and want to shift stock then you will have to be less picky about what you’re filling it with.  It seems to many that almost any car will shift in this climate.

Cox’s August market tracker reflected the effect the semiconductor shortage is having on new car supply as well as the continued surge in demand for used cars.

Put these two factors together and we have a true shortage.  Throw in a third factor: showrooms are now open again and the pent-up demand has caused something of a sales eruption. 

So if we want to keep selling cars we’re going to have to lower our sights a bit when it comes to what we stock. A little bit of compromise might do you good.