Do Your Kids Have Too Much Influence on Your Car-Buying Decisions?


AM is running a story about a study that says kids are giving their parents a hard time by pushing them into buying environmentally-friendly cars. We’re not saying e- and hydrogen cars or hybrids are bad (obviously they’re not bad – they cheese Clarkson off for a start, so that’s a good thing) but why are we letting the brats influence our choice?

According to AM, over half of the 1,250 wee bairns surveyed by Peugeot UK want their parents to be more environmentally friendly.

Over 2/3 of the kids surveyed have, apparently, ‘started caring more for the environment’ in recent years. I don’t really know what that means. I mean, we all love Greta, but it’s easy for any kid to say that.

Look, teach your kids to look after the environment, but keep them away from car-buying decisions. You ought to be a grown-up enough to know that it’s your responsibility to go easy on the environment, not theirs.

Not that I am bitter about my daughters hating the only soft top car I ever owned and basically forced me to trade it in …