Do Buyers Care About Saving the Planet?    

What do UK car buyers really want when they seek out their dream machine?  Something that consumes as little fuel as possible? That will demonstrate their green credentials? That will fit in with their personal Greta-style crusade?

Not really. At least, not according to Autovia, automotive insight and advice experts, who reckon that a reputation for quality, a stylish appearance and a positive previous ownership experience are the three top reasons car buyers choose their new models.

This follows Autovia’s recent study of car buying behaviour which examined the minds of a full 60,000 car owners.

Autovia say that, according to 1,245 motorists who bought their current car within the past two years, their chosen brand’s reputation for quality topped a list of 17 factors influencing their choice of car, followed by model styling and customer service.

This latest analysis reveals a challenge for manufacturers jockeying for position as the market transforms to meet Britain’s net zero carbon targets, because environmental credentials score low among factors influencing purchase choices.

Only the recommendations of family and friends scored lower than the environmental credentials of a brand.

Reputation for quality was the top reason given by 61% of buyers, followed by model styling which was cited by 53% of drivers.

The importance of maintaining customer satisfaction over the long term is revealed by a previously happy experience with the brand ranking third, at 51%.

In a sign that innovative methods of financing cars more affordably have taken some of the heat off price worries, ‘good value for money’ was a top reason for only 40% of buyers.

Interestingly, the ‘brand avoidance’ element in the research also revealed that expectations of high service and repair costs are a deal breaker for many buyers.

Autovia Editor-in-Chief, Steve Fowler, said: “Brand perceptions are a very subjective phenomenon and yet they are key to success or failure in Britain’s car market, so manufacturers will be fascinated to understand how they are viewed by car buyers.

“Two of the most unexpected findings in this latest research are that environmental credentials and the influence of family and friends score so low, suggesting that customers feel much more strongly about an enjoyable and stylish car ownership experience that they have discovered through their own research.

“Dealers will also note that looking after the customer properly is key to retaining loyalty, with women in particular citing a previously good experience as the best reason to stick with a brand.”