Dieselgate: VW Group to Receive £10m From Ex-Chairman


Earlier this year the VW Group began proceedings to recover damages from its former chief exec, Martin Winterkorn, for his actions (or lack of actions) during one of the company’s darkest periods in what became known as the Dieselgate scandal.

Now it has been announced that the company will receive just under £10 million (yes, ten mill!) from Herr Winterkorn as well as a few mill more from other key players, including former Audi CEO Rupert Stadler.

VW Group had said that its internal investigation into the circumstances of the scandal was ‘by far the most comprehensive and complex investigation carried out in a company in German economic history’.  And that its case against Winterkorn and Stadler reflected the serious breaches of their duty of care by failing to ‘comprehensively and promptly clarify the circumstances behind the use of unlawful software functions in two-litre TDI diesel engines sold in the North American market between 2009 and 2015’.

It was alleged that, when quizzed by the US authorities, Winterkorn’s responses were not up to the standards expected of someone in his position.

As for Stadler, he was arrested in 2018 for his part in Dieselgate.

So the echoes caused by this most infamous episode in motor vehicle manufacturing are still being heard down the years. And they’re costing those involved a hell of a lot of cash.