Cost Of Living Sees Change in Driving Habits      

We’re all skint and we’re getting skinter, so no wonder that we’re not using the car as much.  The good folks at Kia have added a bit of science to this by surveying drivers to prove it.

Nearly three quarters of us say we’re using the car differently to save money.  Makes sense to us.

And more than half are planning to switch to EVs or hybrids for their next car.

This pretty much fits in with the nation’s  mood, doesn’t it?  But it’s interesting to see it in figures.

  • 37% say they are now using their car less for short urban journeys
  • 37% have instead taken to walking or cycling ‘where possible’
  • 33% of drivers surveyed say they now pay more attention to where they can refuel / recharge their car more affordably
  • 28% say they now make more effort to plan journeys (e.g. times and routes) to save fuel
  • 31% of motorists say they are thinking more about their own driving style to increase efficiency and save money on fuel, accelerating less often and keeping to a lower speed
  • 54% of those aged between 18 to 24 have changed their driving style in this way, compared to just 26% of those aged between 55 and 64.