Cost of Driving is Top Financial Worry   

Close Brothers Motor Finance’s Dealer Satisfaction Survey is reporting that the price of cars is the No. 1 priority for car buyers as the cost of living spirals ever upwards, with 74% of dealers saying that a car’s price is top priority for customers looking to buy. 

Mileage is the second priority.  Understandable, with petrol and diesel prices going through the roof.

Only then are sat navs, colour choices, etc considered, way down from how much the customer will have to spend to buy and run the vehicle.

Over half the dealers asked said that the rising costs of used cars is a major concern to their customers. 

Lisa Watson, director of sales at Close Brothers Motor Finance, said: “The soaring cost of living and spiralling energy bills are forcing consumers to hit the brakes on big ticket purchases, and that has caused a softening of demand for cars.

“Drivers may not be as confident as they once were; the value of dealer advice and insight is higher than ever.

“Dealers need to step up to bat, ensuring that they have the right stock on their forecourt at a fair price and with a comprehensive finance offering.

“Given the supply chain issues, it has never been more important to get stock sourcing and pricing right. Ultimately, dealers who provide the best service to customers now, in a time of economic crisis, will come out on top in years to come.”