Click & Collect in Chaos – What’s Going On?

Boris Johnson

Lockdown is hard enough for dealerships without there being so much confusion over whether customers can buy via ‘click and collect’, just as they can with so many other retail sectors.

But now various unconfirmed media rumours are saying that the Government is edging towards closing down C&C for all outlets except supermarkets.  Keep an eye out for Prime Minister Johnson making everything clear for us all … 

Meanwhile what are we to do?  On the one hand, up in Scotland, the SMTA says the Scottish Government has confirmed that C&C can stay.

On the other hand, we’ve heard that the MD of Swindon-based Pebley Beach Group, Dominic Threlfall, has said that ending the service for his customers was the right thing to do, rather than keep selling vehicles.  Fair play to him.  It’s a tough call but he has stuck by his guns.

Are dealers being left to make up their own rules? Should there be clearer guidance from the UK Government? Do you expect Boris Johnson to clarify things? Tell us what you think here