Classic Car Search Data Revealed     

Car & Classic has revealed the Ford Escort was the most searched-for car on its classified and online auction website in 2021.

After the effect of the pandemic led to more ‘dream cars’ such as the Porsche 911 and Jaguar E-Type leading the search table, 2021 saw enthusiasts seek more mainstream cars including the BMW 3 Series.

Across 2021, the Ford Escort toppled the Porsche 911, with the RS2000 the model most searched-for from the European Escort’s 34-year lifetime. Recent Escort auction sales on Car & Classic include £25,500 for a Mk3 RS1600i and £50,000 for a Mk1 Twin Cam.

Over the past 12 months, searches for the Triumph Stag more than doubled, securing third place. It was closely followed by the 1980s’ E30 version of BMW 3 Series. More than a quarter of the specific searches for the compact saloon were for the iconic M3. The rise for the E30, up nearly 20 percent on 2020, follows sharp rises in the values for the M3 over the past five years. Published prices of the 24 road cars currently on Car & Classic span £40,000 to £189,000.

Top 10 searches of 2021:

Ford Escort
Porsche 911
Triumph Stag
E30 BMW 3 Series
Ford Mustang
Jaguar E-Type
Ford Capri
VW Beetle