Citroen Ami – What Future Cars Should Be Like?     

The, let’s face it, ‘challenging looking’ Citroën Ami Electric has scooped the ‘Innovation of the Year’ title at inaugural Move Electric Awards.  And it will soon be seen on UK streets.

OK, it is certainly different in terms of style, but what does it offer?  Well, a top speed of 28mph, a 46-mile range with a three hour re-charging time is what if offers.  As you see, it’s very much aimed at the urbanista hitting the road for short journeys.

There will also be an Ami Cargo Electric later this year, as a solution for delivery drivers and business operators in urban areas. 

James Attwood, editor at Move Electric, said:

“The Citroën Ami charms everyone with its ultra-cute design, but it’s also an incredibly clever and transformative machine. While there have been quadricycles before, Citroën has refined the design to create a product that has huge appeal for both people and businesses looking for affordable transport in urban areas – and beyond. The innovation extends to the Ami’s incredibly clever design elements, which help to make it more sustainable to produce and cost-effective to run.”