Citroen: 5-Year Warranty + 14-Day Money Back Guarantee on Cars Bought Online


In a move that will encourage greater confidence to buy online, Citroen has announced that its customers will now benefit from a 5-year warranty and 14-day money back guarantee if they purchase any model from The Citroen Store website.

The 14-day deal applies to all vehicles ordered online via the official outlet, where the car of choice can be fully configured and financed.

The Citroën Store has the customary ‘Live Chat’ function and a ‘Virtual Showroom’ for pre-booked one-on-one live walk-arounds of a vehicle accompanied by a trained Citroën expert.

So here we go, another major manufacturer pushing customers towards their online offer and – let’s be frank here – away from dealerships.  Nervous about buying your car online? Don’t worry, if you don’t like it after two weeks Citroen will take it back. 

Citroen explains that this new offer is in line with the ‘Fair Pricing’ promise it made last year where it  introduced lower list prices and increased transparency for customers, with a focus towards online retail sales.

Eurig Druce, Citroën UK’s Managing Director, said: “We believe our five-year warranty policy and a ’14 Day Money-Back Guarantee’ will bring further added peace of mind. With safe click and collect or the option for a delivery at home, together with the support of our expert digital advisors to help guide our guests through the purchasing process, the Citroen Store offers a comfortable and relaxing purchase experience.”