CitNOW Passes 60 Million Videos Milestone

If anyone working in a dealership still remains to be convinced about the power of videos when selling a car, then get your head around this: digital comms gurus CitNOW have just passed the milestone of their 60 millionth video made using their tech.

That has been powered by a 15% increase in personalised videos created by the automotive retail industry over the past two years, with an average of one million videos now being produced per month.

On top of that, get this: new research indicates that 83% of younger car buyers are more inclined to buy a vehicle if they receive a personalised video.

Of course, plenty of car retailers prefer video for engaging with car buyers right from the enquiry phase.  But some remain to be convinced.

Alistair Horsburgh, Chief Revenue Officer at CitNOW Group comments: “With the car buying journey increasingly starting online, it’s important that retailers address new buying behaviours. They need the flexibility in their digital communications strategies to allow sales staff to respond to queries in a timely manner that is appropriate for each individual and that enables them to build an emotional connection.

“Our latest survey revealed an even split between car buyers who said they still want the in-showroom experience and those who don’t see it as a priority. With each customer’s pathway to purchase becoming increasingly unique, it’s crucial that retailers utilise the digital tools available to effectively engage with potential customers and deliver the right journey for their needs, from first enquiry to purchase.”