Cheeky Girl’s Car Sales: ‘Touch My Bum-per’

One of the best (and biggest) news stories to arrive at Need To Know Motors in recent weeks has got to be the fact that one of pop’s most outrageous and memorable singers has landed a job with Minstergate Hyundai in York. Yes, we are talking Cheeky Girls and, in particular, Gabriela Irimia.

Gabriela and her twin sister Monica are known the world over for The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum), to give the masterpiece its full title.  The 2002 smasheroo climbed the charts around the globe and The Cheeky Girls became firm favourites with Dads and their teenage sons from Adelaide to Arizona.

We are talking music legends.  We are talking catchy-as-hell pop.  We are talking move over Whigfield there’s a new game in town.

Being the thorough, investigative newshounds you would expect, we called Minstergate for a one-on-one interview only to be shunned by the lovely Gabriela’s colleague in a classic ‘no press, no comment’ put down.

So, while we can’t get a first-hand perspective on her car selling career we are left to wonder about Gabriela’s cheeky sales techniques and whether she has to bat away dozens of tyre-kickers asking to touch her bumper…