‘Chat & Buy’ With Carzam’s £49 Deposit

Carzam Logo

Here at Need To Know Motors we were a little perplexed by the ‘news’ this week that Carzam is enabling customers to reserve a vehicle while they discuss it with a salesperson.  Apparently, this ‘Chat and Buy’ approach is new.

Really?  So, let us get this straight, you speak to a salesperson about a particular vehicle, you tell them you’re interested, you ask them to keep it on hold for you while you sort stuff out, then you buy it.

That process exactly reflects how NTK Motors bought its new Subaru a couple of months ago. From a bricks and mortar dealer.

Carzam reckons they get multiple enquiries on the same vehicle, so some buyers are disappointed when the car they wanted has gone.  OK, that makes sense.  But isn’t that the case with cars all over?  Carzam says that an eager buyer can reserve a car for just £49 and that deposit is fully refundable.

Look, we’ve got nothing against Carzam, and we know that giving customers peace of mind is a good thing, but the media are reporting this as though it’s some kind of revelation.  If you ask a dealer – any dealer – to hold onto a car for you while you pop over to check it out then we reckon it will still be there waiting for you when you arrive at the dealership, whether or not someone else has checked it out online.

Or are we missing something here?

Meanwhile, Carzam has reported its strongest ever weekly performance, coinciding with the re-opening of dealerships.

Meanwhile the Carwow platform and its dealers posted record levels of orders in March, achieving its highest performance ever during ‘Lockdown 3’, with almost 11,000 orders in March.