Cazoo – Still Getting Bigger

Cazoo has bought another vehicle preparation centre to process all the many thousands of cars it will be selling in the very near future.

The purchase of SMH Fleet Solutions, for around £70m, gives Cazoo six sites for reconditioning, pre-sale prepping, storing and delivering over 70,000 cars each year. It is said that around 500 staff could transfer from SMH to Cazoo.

The move comes hot on the heels of Cazoo’s purchase of Smart Fleet Solutions earlier this year, giving it 11 sites so far – we would be amazed if it stops there, though.

Alex Chesterman, founder and CEO of Cazoo, said: “Given strong consumer demand, the only real constraint to our future growth is ensuring that we have adequate capability to recondition, store and deliver enough cars to keep up.

“By acquiring SMH, this helps solve that and de-risks our future growth by immediately doubling our number of vehicle preparation sites and significantly enhancing our team of vehicle preparation and logistics staff. I look forward to welcoming the SMH team to Cazoo.

“Buying or selling a car entirely online from the comfort of your home and having it delivered or collected in a matter of days, just like any other product today, is clearly resonating with consumers and our record growth continues as they embrace the selection, value, quality and convenience of our proposition.”