Cazoo: Online Specialist Opens Another Dealership


Cazoo, known widely as an online car selling machine, continues to confound us all by opening another ‘customer centre’, this time in Leeds.

Investing £1m and creating 15 jobs, Alex Chesterman’s outfit heralds the opening of its 17th location in just six months.  That’s more than one a fortnight. And they’ve got another eight planned for later this year. For a company focussed on doing the whole car-buying thing online that’s an awful lot of bricks and mortar.

But, think of it this way: remember when Amazon opened their click & collect facilities in supermarkets up and down the country?  But remained a fully online sales entity? This is just a bigger version of that.  You still buy the car online, you just go to Leeds or wherever to collect it or choose home delivery.

So this really makes sense, especially as Cazoo owns and fully reconditions all its cars before selling them online, so they need somewhere to do that.  And why not let the customer go along and collect it – makes sense to us.

Remember, Cazoo has already sold almost 20,000 cars to consumers via its online portal.  Chesterman knows what he’s doing.