Cazoo Marches On Despite Share Fall    

With Cazoo’s shares hitting a rocky patch of late you’d think the leading retail disruptor was heading for the mire. But the truth is it seems as firmly locked-on to its growth plans as ever.

Reports have examined Cazoo’s shares in detail and shown they halved in value since the NYSE listing in August where it floated for an initial $7 billion (with a ‘b’!).

But experts seem to feel this remains within the parameters of Cazoo’s grand plan, so there are no mutterings of worry. Instead, Cazoo is pushing into Europe, as planned, and buying up various other companies, again as planned.

The Sunday Times reported that the biggest losers seems to be the Daily Mail & General Trust shareholders as the value of its investment has plummeted by more than £500 million.

So the Daily Mail loses out? We won’t be shedding a tear.