Cazoo and Cinch: Neck and Neck     

What Car? has conducted a survey of 632 in-market car buyers on behalf of Car Dealer Mag and found that the two online used car disruptors that are slinging the largest amounts of £squillions at advertising and sponsorship, namely Cazoo and Cinch, are unsurprisingly racing ahead in terms of public recognition.

The survey found that Cazoo is the Number One in terms of recognition,  the most with over 31% saying they know the brand.

But Cinch is a very close second with 30% recognition.

Heycar (12.3%) and Carzam (5.7%) are third and fourth.

Haymarket editorial director Jim Holder commented to Car Dealer Mag: ‘The marketing power of Cazoo and Cinch makes them unstoppable forces in this space, with their recognition levels among our audience neck and neck, and in line with the huge budgets they have thrown at awareness. 

‘To have 6/10 people recognising the brand after just a few years of coming into existence shows again the power of sustained, heavy marketing spend.’