Carzam – Is World Domination On The Cards?

World Domination

Are you paying attention? Just six weeks after it went live, online retailer Carzam has delivered its 1,000th car.  And it’s predicting it will sell 20,000 in its first full year of trading.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s pretty impressive. 

Much has been made of Peter Waddell’s Carzam hoovering up senior car retail experts to fuel its launch and now we can see it really means business.

What does all this mean?  Are you concerned about the rise of online car sales?  Have your say below.

It boasts a next-day turnaround on much of its stock and a glance at the time of writing shows nearly 1,300 cars currently available. Mr Waddell points out that more and more car buyers are turning to online purchasing and with Carzam being a one-stop shop for vehicle, finance and fast delivery not only is it tapping into how a growing number of people buy almost everything these days, it takes us another step away from real people interacting with real sales agents in real dealerships.

We can’t fault Carzam. But where will it all end?  Comments below.

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