carwow Gobbles Up Wizzle


Leading car buying comparison site carwow has bought the used car buying platform Wizzle. So this means that carwow’s users will now be able to find a new car and sell their old car all in one place.  And that place ain’t your dealership, I’m afraid.

Wizzle lists a customer’s cars and invites offers from dealers who might want to buy it. So the customer will still sell to you, but remotely, and you will be bidding against all your rivals. This is already happening to around 1,500 cars per month and no doubt carwow has big plans to grow that number.

carwow claims to have over 12 million users, 79% of which have a car to sell.  Those customers are then connected to dealers and OEMs for the new car.

So the dealer isn’t always cut out of the deal.