Carwow Aims for Diversity and Inclusivity    

James Hind, the founder and CEO of Carwow, has set out a new ambition for the company to become “one of the most diverse and inclusive places to work in the automotive industry”.  Here at Need To Know Motors we not only applaud this, we’re impressed with the level of detail in the company’s announcement.

As part of a new recruitment and staff development strategy, Carwow has launched its first diversity-focused employee network, and Hind has signed up as a Silver Member of the Automotive 30% Club – a voluntary association of industry leaders that strives to achieve a better gender balance within the automotive industry.

Carwow’s new employee network, ‘WOW Women’, is designed to bring team members who identify as women together from across various departments to share knowledge, experience and advice, helping the company improve collaboration and create a more inclusive environment.

Having received such positive feedback from its first ‘WOW Women’ event in the UK, Carwow plans to launch the network at its offices in Munich, Madrid and Portugal in the coming months.

Hind comments: “As a digital marketplace and retail media brand, Carwow covers two traditionally male-dominated industries: technology and automotive. However, we believe firmly that having a diverse workforce that reflects the composition of the population at large simply enables us to be a better business.

“We’re assessing our processes to make sure all roles are accessible for women. That involves analysing job descriptions for gender bias, completing anonymised CV screening, and using gender-balanced hiring panels during the interview phase of applications. We’ve also introduced inclusive new parental policies, such as shared maternity leave and partner leave, allowing more flexibility for women to return to work.”