Cars Doing Medical Checks? Whatever Next?!, the car leasing comparison website, has put together a small survey of car enthusiasts to ask what they would like to see in future all-singing, all-dancing, full bells and whistles cars.  You won’t believe what people dream up when asked to design their car of the future!

Of course, safety figured highest of all, with 55% of the 100 drivers surveyed hoping for things like full internal airbags (good idea, why don’t we have them already?); car-to-car communication warning drivers of accidents or issues ahead, similar to that in use by Tesla (and Waze, come to think of it). 

Security would be enhanced with fingerprint-operated locks, they said, like we now have on smartphones.

And 60% want augmented reality screens and dashboards as the feature they would most like to see.  While a coffee machine came second with more than a quarter (28%) of the vote. Couldn’t we see both of these features soon in proper driverless cars?

But, for us, the most interesting and ‘out there’ wish list included steering wheels that monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels are the real ‘must have’ accessories.  These came well above even the coffee machines and augmented reality dashboard.

When I was a kid my car of the future had a telly to watch Match of the Day while driving.  Thank goodness I wasn’t taking part in this survey, the safety ratio would have plummeted!

Dave Timmis, Managing Director of, says, “Technological developments are unlocking new possibilities when it comes to the automotive world. With features such as health monitoring, smart technologies and fingerprint access available in personal devices such as smart phones and smart watches, consumers are looking to have these integrated into their future vehicles.

“Leasing has always been an ideal way for early adopters to gain access to all the latest technology on the hottest new cars. The car of the future is likely to be packed full of cool tech and paid for monthly via leasing or subscription.”