Can EV Rally of Scotland Teach Cop26 A Thing or Two?

Did you spot the news that Our Great Leader Mr Johnson delivered his Cop26 speech outlining how we’re going to save the world through reduced carbon emissions…and then promptly took a private jet from Glasgow down to London just so he wouldn’t be late to go out on the lash with his mates?  No, really, this is a true story!

So it’s nice to see that the EV Rally of Scotland (EVROS to you and me) is showing off that country’s charging infrastructure with a five-day zoom between charging points and taking in breathtaking scenery along the way.

Organisers say that the EVROS is to prove that EV use across Scotland, and the rest of the UK, is not just ‘for the odd occasion’… It can be a ‘daily occurrence’… ‘the norm’!

By the end of the event, on 12 November, the ‘eRally’ will have taken in every corner of Scotland, including a Western Isle, and have completed more than 1200 ‘e-Miles’.