Calm Down and Stay Comfy

A new study by Citroën UK has apparently revealed that 40% of UK drivers believe that comfort is key to avoiding road rage while driving. In the study of 2,000 UK motorists a staggering 62% admit to having experienced road rage themselves, and 47% say they have been a victim of another drivers’ road rage.

OK, so far, so clear. But then Citroën list their survey’s top five reasons for road rage.  None of them mention comfort. See the table below.

The Main Causes of Road RagePercentage
Drivers cutting you off on the road49%
Being overtaken inappropriately39%
Drivers failing to indicate37%
Drivers in front stopping abruptly35%
Drivers using a mobile phone34%

Now, Citroën has a special ‘Advanced Comfort® programme’ that is said to provide drivers with added calm and serenity.

OK, we get that, too.

The Citroën report goes on to say that city and town centres are the environment that drivers struggle to keep their cool in most.  And their MD, Eurig Druce, said: “Aggravated drivers are often at risk of causing harm to themselves and fellow drivers on the road. With 62% of drivers having admitted to experiencing road rage, it is a focus for Citroën to ensure our vehicles provide the optimum environment for driver and passenger comfort. Comfort is a key factor in helping to reduce the risk of road rage, and our team go to extra lengths to ensure that models across the Citroën range, including New C3 Aircross SUV deliver just that through the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme.”

OK.  That’s nice.  Now we’re going to go away to try work out how the Citroën comfort thing relates to anything in this survey’s Road Rage Top Five.