BuyACar: People Switch From Midday Monday to Evenings

A year after BuyaCar’s analysis revealed that people were increasingly buying their vehicles around midday on a Monday a new set of research from the online used car supermarket shows that timings have slipped a little, with around 8pm to 9pm on a Monday evening now being the hot time for car-buying activity.

The data also shows that window shopping turns into proper purchasing on both Mondays and Tuesdays, especially in the evenings. BuyaCar is reporting that almost 43% of transactions are completed on those two days. editor, Christofer Lloyd, said: “Our data suggest that many consumers are typically adopting a hybrid approach to buying cars, with those who seek the comfort of seeing their preferred cars in the flesh before buying becoming ready to commit to a deal at the beginning of the week.

Christofer Lloyd

“It’s also interesting to see that buyers are tending to make their transactions outside working hours. This suggests that they aren’t fitting in car buying around work, but specifically dedicating time to placing an order.

“These figures are also useful for dealers who might wonder when an enquiry is best converted into a sale.

“If the energy to buy is concentrated at the beginning of the week, that may be the most reliable moment to win a wavering customer around.”

In August 2020 Lloyd had pointed to the growing pressure for people to work from home as steering them towards Monday midday purchasing: “It looks as if people who are able to work from home are probably driving the trend towards more car purchases during working hours.”