BMW Points To Greener Future

BMW is rolling out its Points programme across the UK and Ireland, rewarding customers with charging credit for each electric mile they drive in their plug-in hybrids.  The scheme is open to owners of a whole range of BMW e-models who get free charging in exchange for driving ‘electric miles’.

Drivers can earn 2 points for each mile driven electrically, and 4 points for each mile driven electrically in a designated eDrive zone. Once drivers have collected 3,200 points, they will be rewarded with £10 charging credit to be used across the BMW charging network. At 7,500 points, customers will receive £25 and at 14,500 points a £50 free charging credit.

On top of this, BMW are also extending the number of ‘eDrive Zones’ with another six in Manchester, Edinburgh, Bath, Belfast, Dublin and Limerick.

The fact is that these are carrots to encourage the uptake of EVs.  This is an essential move at a time when the government is struggling to get us to move across to EVs despite knowing they’re a vital part in the zero emissions jigsaw.

Maybe Allegra Stratton, the spokesperson for the imminent COP26 climate event who was recently quoted saying she prefers her old diesel car to an EV, should have a look into this.