BMW i4 Crowned ‘Best Exec EV’ at Top Gear Awards   

The BMW i4 was crowned ‘Best Electric Executive Car’ at the Top Gear Electric Awards this week.  Not so long ago, the very thought of Top Gear even handing out electric awards would have dinosaur Clarkson foaming at the mouth, but now the show lives in the real world.

Top Gear mag editor, Jack Rix said: “this is the sort of car that, decades ago, built BMW’s reputation. Low and lithe to sit in, with a beautifully made and ergonomic cabin. Its steering, accelerator and brakes know what you’re thinking and do exactly what you’re wanting. Suspension is taut yet refined, the powertrain turbine smooth and razor sharp – aren’t those the reasons we love BMW straight-sixes? The i4’s e-motors do it even better.”