BenWell From Ben     

To mark the beginning of World Wellbeing Week, Ben, the automotive industry charity, is proud to announce the nationwide launch of BenWell – its pioneering new wellbeing platform, developed specifically for the automotive industry in partnership with Wellonomics.

Underpinning BenWell is an insight-led app and web portal which automotive businesses can use to take the emotional and physical temperature of their team, enabling companies to better support their employees with their wellbeing.

Each month, employees spend less than 10 minutes answering questions across six key personal wellbeing areas, and five management areas. Once completed, their personal dashboard gives a real-time view of their wellbeing and offers tailored support and guidance from experts in each area, accessed via mobile, tablet or desktop.

From an employer perspective, individual survey results are anonymised but, by tracking key wellbeing indicators via the dashboard, employers get a real time overview of how their employees are feeling about life at home and work, taking the guesswork out of wellbeing and enabling them to be proactive in their response.

If any potential wellbeing issues are identified, employers can create targeted solutions that address their people’s needs, building greater employee satisfaction, retention and productivity for the business.

Ben has been working on the development of this platform since 2021 with wellbeing data specialists Wellonomics, and the new BenWell platform will now be rolled out to automotive businesses across the UK.