Beaulieu Celebrates ‘Nifty Fifties’    

Beaulieu will be celebrating a golden era of motoring with a brand new Nifty Fifties display, as part of International Autojumble, returning on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September for a packed weekend of buying, selling and automotive enjoyment.

Following in the tyre-tracks of the nostalgia-fuelled Forgotten Favourites display at last year’s show, Nifty Fifties will bring together classic vehicles dating from 1950 to 1959, with a crowd-pleasing line-up from this much-loved era. The display will be just one of the features of the event, eagerly anticipated by thousands of motoring enthusiasts.

All 1950s motors are invited to take their places in the show, from popular British saloons and sports cars such as Standards, Wolseleys and Austin-Healeys, to chrome-laded American classics such as Chevrolets and Cadillacs, European favourites such as Porsches, Citroens and Volkswagens, and even eye-catching bubble cars. If your pride and joy was built during that decade, book your place in the line-up now.