BDO Annual Salary Survey – They’re Up!

Tax and audit experts BDO UK have published their annual survey of motor industry salaries. The good news is that they’re up, with an increase in the average pay of 5%.

As ever, BDO has been thorough in its research, talking to groups and companies that operate a total of 300 dealership sites across the UK, everything from single site dealerships to large publicly listed groups.

And the data covers 29 dealership positions in all departments.

So, take it from us, it’s a pretty authoritative survey and if you want to know anything about salaries in our sector this is where you’ll find it.

The headlines? Average management level pay remained consistent, potentially as a result of pay freezes; compared to last year a lower proportion of respondents expect to have fewer staff as a result of the pandemic; and, excluding management positions, the average remuneration package increased from £39k in 2020 to £41k in 2021.

If you’re a DP assessing how much to pay star, or you’re a salesperson needing ammunition to get a raise, you can download the BDO survey here Motor Salary Survey 2021 – BDO