BBC Watchdog Questions Cazoo’s 300-Point Check     

Did you see the BBC Watchdog report on Cazoo this week? The one where Cazoo’s famous 300-point inspection was called into question?  Well, for the online dealer it must have hit a nerve, not least because, as the BBC said, their massive advertising campaign focuses on why the customer can trust them – the 300-point inspection regime being the foundation of that trust.

But some Watchdog viewers, as reported on The One Show, told the BBC that the cars they bought from Cazoo were delivered with problems which undermine the whole concept of hassle-free buying.

What do you think? A cheap shot at a market leader at a time when Cazoo was also posting a multi-million pound loss for last year?  Or are there underlying problems with the Cazoo business model?

In a statement to the BBC, Cazoo said:

“We are sorry that the three customers featured in the BBC One Show didn’t have an experience that matched their expectations. We regret this, however we did do all we could to quickly rectify these isolated issues and ensure that they weren’t left out of pocket financially. We have sold over 60,000 cars in the last two years and with 95% of customers rating our service as either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’ on the independent review website, Trustpilot, we believe that the way we handle any issues is what sets our service apart.