Bangers4Ben 2021 Ends – Get Ready for B4B 2022!

OK, so you’ve missed out on the chance to drive around Britain in a ridiculous-looking car costing no more than £750 and raising loads of cash for motor sector charity Ben, but we’re hearing rumours that Bangers4Ben will be back next year bigger and better than ever. So we say get your glue gun and sticky-backed plastic ready now so you can take part in this glorious and foolhardy event.

Taking in wonderful sights around the UK, including the Brecon Beacons, Peak District and God’s Own County (Yorkshire to you Southern types) this year’s event is estimated to have raised upwards of £50,000 in much-needed funds.

So let’s start getting creative (and just a little bit crazy) right now and make next year’s the best B4B ever.