Autoglym Anoints Superhero    

Here at NTK Motors we love a heart-warming story so if you’re in the mood to have your cockles well and truly coddled then read on…because news came in today of Gemma Taphouse, a parts manager at Norton Way Mazda dealership, receiving the Autoglym LifeShine Hero award for service above and beyond during lockdown.

Stand up and applaud Gemma.

During lockdown, Gemma put people first, even going as far as driving a battery out to a stranded customer who had an urgent need for their transport, and by prioritising and helping key workers to stay on the road.

Kevin Sansum, former Business Development Director for Norton Way, nominated Gemma, saying: “Gemma worked through Covid, as did many, but the way she adapted and helped customers during that time was amazing. Be it taking a battery to a stranded customer some miles away, arranging loan cars for customers who had broken down and were key workers, or assisting in serving them with general maintenance, she stepped up every time – and none of it was too much trouble.”

You know what? In a world of cynics, where we can’t trust our leaders to tell us the truth and where standards of decency seem de-valued each day, it’s truly great to learn about what Gemma did for her customers.

Gemma, we applaud you.